How much do you spend on travel every month? If you’re like me, you probably aren’t too impressed at the amount you spend on things like flights and accommodation. I try my hardest to cut down on spending, especially when it comes to my trips abroad. We spend a huge chunk of our income every year on travel. The average American spends $1,200 per year, according to recent estimates from research firm Global Site Pro. And, with costs continuing to rise, many travellers are looking for ways to stretch their dollars further. Let’s see the tips on how to save money for travelling in the article below.

 Book Flights

This is an obvious one, but we all procrastinate booking flights until it’s too late, that’s why it gets added here as tip no 1. According to Expedia, if you wait till the last minute, you may find there’s nothing within your budget. So book early and don’t forget to look into flight discount codes.

Don’t Pay In Advance

Many people think they will be able to manage to pay their hotel bills over time, however, this usually ends up being more hassle than it’s worth, so avoid signing up for any pre-payments or direct debits that require you to pay upfront. There are plenty of alternative options to consider instead, such as credit cards and debit vouchers.

 Stay Somewhere Discounted

It may not happen all the time, however, staying somewhere discounted could help you keep your travel expenses under control. It can also help to take advantage of promotions that come around every once in a while, such as airport lounges that offer free wifi and other perks.

Consider Flying Off-Season

There’s little doubt about it – flying off-season saves you loads of cash! That’s because, during low demand times, you can often expect discounts of 10% or even 20%. This isn’t always the case though, so make sure you check out all the best dates to fly by visiting Skyscanner first.

 Plan Your Trip Carefully

The fewer days you stay away, the more savings you make. That means taking breaks between each destination and making sure you only visit the places which mean the most to you. You might even want to set aside some money for souvenirs!

 Work Out What You Want To Do On A Reoccurring Basis

If you have decided what activities you would love to do while you’re abroad then you should work these into your trip plans. For example, I have visited France almost every summer since I was 16 (last summer was the 15th!), and I know exactly where I would like to go next year. It’s important to pick those things out now because you never know when they’ll be able to fit into your schedule.

 In conclusion, although travelling doesn’t have to break the bank, you do need to plan to ensure you get some good value for money. Playing online casino games at and saves money rather than visiting a landscaped online casino.