How do you plan to get around once you arrive at your destination? You don’t want to waste time or money on useless things; instead, you should select only those items that are essential for your trip. Fortunately, several apps can help you save money and time during your travels. Travelling can drain your budget. For example, if you travel long distances by bus, chances are you’ll spend a fortune on food and accommodation. On top of that, you’ll usually pay hefty fees for tickets and transportation. The following article will give you some of the best apps that one can use when travelling.


 This is an app that helps people find cheap flights from one city to another. It’s great because it lets users search through various airlines’ flight schedules and compare prices between them.


This app allows travellers to track their flight history. However, it does not just let users check-in but also provide information regarding delays to its passengers’ benefit. The good thing about using this app is that it gives travellers access to real-time updates via SMS text messages, so they won’t have any problem checking their flight status and delays.


 With this app, you’ll be able to book hotels with ease. Not only can you make hotel reservations but you can also look for package deals. Additionally, you can also manage your hotel stays as well as car rentals through this app. All these features, along with the customer support team, makes booking and managing your trips easier than ever.


 If you’re looking for directions while travelling, then you must have this app. Using GPS provides step-by-step directions. You’ll find it useful whether you need local driving suggestions or simple walking route ideas.

Google Maps

When you need a quick overview of your current location, then there’s no other choice but Google maps. This app has many functions including finding your friends or family members, getting traffic info, and even viewing restaurants near you.


Why go to all the trouble of riding a taxi when you can take advantage of the Uber ride-sharing service. Instead of having strangers drive you wherever you need to go, you’ll be picked up by licensed drivers who already know exactly where to pick you up. Plus, you’ll enjoy the convenience of hailing a cab without paying a dime.

 Hotel Tonight

 Looking for a last-minute room option? Hotels Tonight app offers cheaper rates from different properties. Furthermore, it allows users to book rooms without having to pay upfront.


Whether you’re looking for general airfare quotes or airline schedule updates, this app is a great resource. It shows you the latest flight status and alerts you whenever there‚Äôs a delay or change in the departure/arrival times.

In conclusion, the above list contains several of the best apps that you shouldn’t live without while travelling. Some may require additional purchases but most offer free trials too. Do not forget to download some of the apps you can use to play online casino [games as well.